Coolabah Charms specialise in taking handstamped jewellery designs and making them extra special and meaningful.

Our Handstamping method creates truly individual, organic and artistic pieces of jewelry.

Used by Coolabah Charm's head designer for many years, our artisan handstamping method creates the perfect handstamped pendant for you.

Hand-Stamped Pendants

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Hand-stamped Leah pendant
Isabelle pendants
Handstamped triangle, circle and square pendant set
Hand-stamped square pendant
Handstamped circle
Handstamped triangle with sterling silver chain
Circle of hearts pendant necklace handstamped
Jasmine - Hand stamped
Vanessa hand-stamped pendant
Handstamped Emily pendant
Handstamped small Russian pendants
Hand-stamped Barbie pendant
Handstamped large Russian style pendants
Handstamped medium Russian pendants
Affirmation pendant with chain