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Hand stamped and Engraved Jewellery

There are a few ways of inscribing metal and they include engraving metal and also stamping or hallmarking metal.


Hand stamping metal is taking the world by storm and we do lot of hand stamping of metal here at Coolabah Charms. We also recognize that some customers prefer the subtle effects of engraving rather than the organic look of a handstamp
amped item. We have created a range of products to suit both tases. On our website you will find categories dedicated to stamped jewelry and the other categories for predominantly engraved items.  Stamped impressions on metal are created by actually stamping the metal with metal stamps. 


Coolabah Charms engraving methods create deep engraving into the metal. Our precise marking and engraving methods reflect something similar to computer fonts, avoiding the organic look of individually stamped letters that sometimes are created when an item is hand stamped.

Both hand stamping and engraving are great ways of marking metal however if you like perfection please do not purchase a hand stamped item. The hand stamped items are organic pieces of artisan work.

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions. See visuals of products to better understand the impressions the engraved and stamped work will achieve.

Here are some images of stamped work:

and here is some images of our engraved work