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I love sterling silver for its malleability and ease of ability to work with.  It is a metal that is very changeable and sometimes reactible to the environment it is in.

Stainless steel is a steel and not a precious metal however it is more resistance to environmental influences.

Silver will age well to achieve a dull worn look.
and it in the lifetime of silver toothpaste is good. Toothpaste especially the paste that has baking soda in it will be a effective abrasive cleaner to the piece.

Simply get a soft bristle brush and brush up your jewellery.
let us make a piece of jewellery that makes you life more beautiful.

Argentium silver and fine silver does not tarnish as sterling silver does.
Sterling silver has copper alloyed with it to make silver harder and this is what causes the tarnishing. Fine silver is a soft metal and so sterling was created to be more hard wearing.

the great thing about sterling silver is it can always be polished.

We do offer  a polishing service here at Coolabah Charms for items that you have purchased from us.

Sterling silver does not like chemicals that are in swimming pools, perfumes and some sun block. These substances increases tarnishing in sterling silver

9ct gold can reacte with some people and the PH level of their skin but normally it is pretty resistant to reacting to the environment. If this happens to you then we suggest to purchase 14ct or 18ct gold.

We love jewellery for what it can add to life.
A little like roses:)